Duke’s Den – Courtship Of Editors

Duke’s Den – Courtship Of Editors
Looked at from afar, motojournalism might seem to be a cushy gig, but it requires a unique set of aptitudes and talents that few people have. Being a skilled rider is a prerequisite, as manufacturers tend to dislike people crashing their bikes, but it gets more complicated from there. Having a journalism or English degree sorts the wheat from the chaff, as does having experience on a vast variety of motorcycles and riding environments. An understanding of mechanical systems is important, as is comprehension of chassis geometry. A good candidate will be a decent photographer, and also good with video, both behind and in front of the camera. It will be an advantage to be able to stay up all night while racing to be first to complete a review of a hot new bike, and there will be times when work will cut into weekends. Finally, a candidate should be prepared to be paid less than journalism for non-enthusiast media outlets.
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